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How to Make Buns

How to Make Buns


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Buns Recipe

If you’re new to baking this is a great recipe to show you how to make buns. It’s the basis of many sponge cake recipes and once you master this, there’ll be no stopping you! Not only are they really simple to make they taste delicious too!

Ingredients you’ll need to make 12 buns:

4oz (100g) margarine or butter
4oz (100g) caster sugar
4oz (100g) self raising flour
2 medium eggs (beaten)

Getting Started:

  • Preheat your oven to 180°C/ 360°F/Gas Mark 4
  • Place 12 bun cases into a bun / muffin tray
  • If you’re making the buns by hand (rather than using an electric mixer) place the margarine (or butter) and sugar in a mixing bowl and cream them together until they are well blended (so you can no longer see the sugar granules). Then add the flour and eggs and mix well until the mixture is smooth without any lumps
  • If you have access to an electric mixer simply place all the ingredients into the mixer at the same time and mix until the mixture is well blended and there are no lumps – it’s that easy!
  • Divide this mixture into your 12 bun cases
  • Bake for 12 – 15 minutes or until your buns are well risen and golden brown
  • Decorate your buns as you prefer (there are lots of ideas on The Cake Recipe

Hints and Tips

  • if you only have granulated sugar that will be fine – the caster sugar just tends to make the buns slightly lighter in texture
  • If you only have plain flour you can use this with 1 tsp of baking powder per every 4oz flour
  • I find margarine works better than butter in this recipe (just a baking margarine), but if you are using butter make sure it’s at room temperature or it will be very difficult to mix
  • I prefer to use free range eggs as they give a better flavour and colour to your buns
  • Important – don’t open your oven door once your buns are cooking, or this will cause the buns to sink
  • the golden rule to remember is you need equal amounts of marg, sugar and flour, and then half the number of eggs. So to make 24 buns you need 8oz each of marg, sugar, flour and 4 eggs
  • To make chocolate buns simply use 3oz (75g) flour and 1oz cocoa

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